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I thought I would try goose hunting a few years ago. This kind of hunting is a whole new beast. You will be sitting in one dedicated spot. Unlike other types of hunting you will be spending a lot of time around the water. Also, your game will be coming from the sky as opposed to the hills, or a field.

As other game are positioned on the ground geese are competent maneuvering both in the water and flying in the sky. So, with these beginning comments I am writing an article about goose hunting tips which I guarantee will bring you the desired result. A goose to feed on for dinner!

​1) Where Do You Put Those Decoys?

This a question every goose hunter has naturally asked himself. Where in the world do I put my decoys? You will want to leave your decoys as spaced as realistically as you can. In other words when Geese land they land in between other geese. So when they fly to your decoys you want them to think they are landing among other geese.

I tried spacing my decoys 2 big footsteps apart (about six feet) and I immediately had better results attracting the gees to my zone. Next, I tried putting the decoys 5 large footsteps apart. Boy! I never dreamed I would have even better results but I did. The key here is to put the decoys as far apart as you can without making the scene look like it was staged.

2) Calling an Integral Part of the Hunt.

Calling an Integral Part of the Hunt

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you just blast any call out there and then you expect the geese to fly in by the hundreds. It doesn’t happen that way. I made that mistake early in my goose hunting career of being impatient with my progress. I blasted out geese calls repeatedly; they didn’t fly in. You need to know geese are quiet compared to other birds.

They just don’t call out when they’re feeding on the ground. Geese will call out to another flock of birds flying as if to say” I’m inviting you to stop by and feed with me.” They think their feeding area is safe. With this in mind you will want to particular calls to cover different circumstances. For instance, if you see a flock of geese far away you will use a “high ball” call that touches geese who are flying in the distance. Geese flying nearby looking to land you will use an “attractant or a feeding call. One call doesn’t fit all!

3) One Forgotten Tip: Always Know Where You Are Hunting

I have seen this happen many times when I have been goose hunting. The inexperienced or careless hunters will just walk anywhere (even on private land) and start blasting away at fowl. No! You must know where public land is that you can hunt on. Also, you need to be cognizant of where private land is and you need to respect the landowner’s wishes, if he doesn’t want you hunting on his land. Remember he put the “no trespassing” sign up for a reason. If you get permission to hunt on private land that is a different story. Don’t give hunters a bad name because you didn’t "see" the "No Trespass sign".

4) Use Proper Set up Positioning

Goose Hunting Tips Positioning

This is one overlooked tactic in a hunter’s quest for the kill. He sets up in the wrong location. You must set up in the right area where you know the geese will be. Initially, you need to know which way the wind is blowing because the wind brings the geese.

Secondly, geese like to rest in areas where they are sheltered from the wind so set up in those types of roosting locations that have a lot of barriers from blowing winds. Next, you need to anticipate where the geese will feed this is a must. Geese like to eat and where the food is they will be there.

These feeding fields will provide the geese with solid visibility in all directions so predators won’t be able to sneak up on them. They don’t have tall trees but mainly knolls in them. The birds will also settle in feeding areas where they can land and take off easily.

5) Use the Proper Load to Bring Down Geese

One sure thing you want to do is bring the proper load power (the type of bullet cartridge you use) to kill the geese. You cannot use a lighter duck load and expect to bring down a big honker. Geese have a very insulated feathering system and their skin is very tough to penetrate.

You will not necessarily bring down a big goose if you shoot it in the body. If you want to bring down a goose you must use some real fire power and you have to pound them with that fire power to kill them. Aim for their heads or their necks and if you hit them in those areas you will bring them down.

6) Scout, Scout and Scout Again!

Goose Hunting Tips Scout

I have learned that scouting is a major factor in a successful goose hunt. You must know where the geese will be and at what time of the day. Weather conditions will play a role as to when a geese will follow a particular flight pattern. I mean on very cold days geese will not fly out to feed until early afternoon.

Normally, they will fly out at midmorning to the field to feed then return to the roost by mid-day. They will fly to the field at dusk to feed again then return to the roost. You will have a successful geese hunt every time if you keep in mind that knowing where geese roost and feed is 90% of the battle. Geese are very predictable in their feeding and roosting behaviors. You will never spend too much time scouting and in the long run the preparation will pay off handsomely for you.

​Concluding Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on goose hunting tips. Geese hunting is a lot more popular than you may think. It really does take a lot of thought to plan and execute a successful goose hunt. The more knowledge you are armed with the better chance you will have to kill that once in a lifetime big honker.

I wrote these goose hunting tips with your total success in mind. Follow the tips in this article and you will win every time. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you did leave a comment and forward these goose hunting tips to all your friends. Thank you for reading this article.

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