How To Hunt Elk The Rewarding Way

I have found in elk hunting. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way on how to hunt elk. You like any hunter want to go on a hunting trip and bring back some elk meat for your family. I understand that it is very frustrating to go on a hunting expedition and come back empty-handed.

This is why I have written this how to hunt elk article. I have found over time these steps will greatly increase your chances of bringing home that coveted trophy. Over the years these techniques have proven very successful for me and my circle of hunting friends. So, let’s delve into the meat of the article and find out how it’s done!

Proven Tools For The Hunt

  • Patience
  • Thinking
  • Excellent physical conditioning
  • Headlamp
  • Bow and arrow
  • Rifle
  • Stamina
  • Extra strong bodies to help carry the elk out
  • Binoculars
  • Camo outfit

There really is only one other alternative to how to hunt elk. That is using the incorrect way to try and kill a cow or buck. You can start out early in the morning and leave at noon with no game. You may hike for miles and miles and see no buck.

We can stage ourselves in the mountains when all the elk are stationed in the lowlands around crops where there is plenty of shelter for them. We can call on a bugle all day unnecessarily and stand with our backs to the wind. Then we will wonder why we didn’t see let alone kill any Elk. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this system of hunting elk. It will fail time and time again.

Using Binoculars Where The Trees Grow

How To Hunt Elk Using Binoculars

What did you just say? Glassing where the thicket grows dense and wild. Do you know how long it would take to track an elk in a heavily wooded area? Yes, I do it will take longer than hiking for miles in the mountains and higher elevations to look for elk. I have been very successful slowing down and sneaking through heavily wooded areas. I have spotted some very large-sized elk hiding deep where the trees grow thick.

These are some of the best techniques for hunting successfully; you need to slow down and wear appropriate clothing that will help you blend in with the trees. Stay with the wind to your face and the elk’s sharp sense of smell will never detect you are anywhere near them. You will greatly increase your chances of spotting and killing elk. I know it has worked for me.

You just have to be patient. You still need to be in top physical shape for this type of hunting because you will need plenty of stamina to carry out your big trophy.

You Must Adapt To The New Migrating Habits Elk Have Adapted

How To Hunt Elk Habits Elk Have Adapted

Elk by their nature happens to be very intelligent and adaptable animals. These days they sense a new elevated presence by humans in the mountains. They have come down out of the mountains and are now traveling and living in the lowlands, plains and heavily wooded basin areas. They like to feed where there are plenty of their favorite crops to eat. (Wheat and Alfalfa for example.)

The times of trudging through mountainous terrain hoping to stumble upon an elk are gone. Elk no longer answers to the human bugle call. They have become wary of that type of call. The only time you should really use the bugle call is in extreme emergencies or those occasions that after you have scouted for elk for hours and you haven’t seen any.

Elk Hunting Has Turned Into A Thinking Man’s Sport

Elk hunting has evolved into a thinking man’s sport. You need to do a lot more thinking on the hunt these days. For example, I will place a tree stand months ahead of when I am going to actually hunt. I always make sure that I pick spots that have had little or no human activity for a very long time. Ideally, the only human activity in my chosen hunting spot will be mine. That would be limited to setting up my tree stand and strategically placing food where the elk would have access to it.

We will find that if we relegate our hunting to the lowlands and prairies that we will be much more successful in killing elk. We would end up traversing a lot less terrain but still we would make the kill. Another mistake I have seen many hunters make is they hit the hunting grounds very early in the morning.

By the time the noon sun sets they quit. They usually haven’t had any chances to kill any elk. It’s better to keep hunting late into the evening; you will have a greater chance of killing an elk in the late afternoon to evening time. They feed in the evenings and if you stay around where they feed you will most likely be able to kill one. So it would be advisable for you to pack a headlamp in your gear. In this way, you can see where you are going when you pack your elk out.

Yes, it is great to be in great shape and have plenty of stamina when elk hunting. But having some extra strong hunting buddies along is a great idea. You never know when you will kill that mega elk you cannot carry out yourself. You may choose to hunt with a bow and arrow or a rifle the choice is yours.

Let’s End It

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article on “how to hunt elk”. The techniques shared in this article will help you to think more about what your goal is in the hunt. By using these techniques I’ve improved my success in killing elk. Remember, you are the one that knows you are hunting the elk. They don’t know they’re being hunted. So practice these techniques and always be thinking when you are out on the hunt. You will bring home elk meat for the dinner table. If you liked this article pass it on to your hunting friends and leave a comment or two.

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