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You wouldn’t think that rabbit hunting would be a popular sport. But it’s not back by popular demand because the demand has always been there. I have found that rabbit hunting is exciting and challenging as well. You don’t need a lot of elaborate equipment but if you can get a team of beagles to hunt rabbits with you all the better. I want to share some Rabbit hunting tips with you so you can have more fun and success hunting these little-fleet footed critters.

1) Finding that Elusive Rabbit

You want to start your rabbit hunt by know where to look for them while you hunt. If you have beagles hunting with you. The Beagles will be your radar letting you know when one of the little furry critters are around. The dogs will start bellowing in harmony as they spot the sacred game. Follow their barks and you will find the rabbit.

You can find cottontail rabbits hiding in old farm equipment. Look in areas bordered heavily by trees and thickly growing underbrush fencerows, drainages where recent vegetable-like matter has popped up. You can also find them in recently cleared timber cut, or in areas where a lot of dirt has been cleared and there are piles of the bush like material laying. On railroad tracks where there has been a thick overgrowth of foliage and power lines. Places with good hideouts and plenty of forage.

2) How to Have a Successful Hare Hunt​

I need to start with the type of clothing we will wear on our rabbit hunt. Briars and thorns can cut up your flesh faster than you know. So wear heavy gloves to protect your hands from cuts and gashes. Vinyl-faced canvas pants will do wonders for your confidence when you wade chest high through thorn bushes and other prickly vegetation.

A durable canvas upland hunting jacket will fit the bill just fine but just make sure you are wearing heavy clothing. It’s highly recommended you wear an orange vest and hat in the thick underbrush. So other hunters will see you and not mistake you for a rabbit.

I mentioned at the top of the article you don’t need a lot of fancy firearms or hunting gear to kill rabbits. You need to have good stalking skills and you need to be able to shoot quickly because those cottontail rabbits can move very fast. You will be fine with a .22 rifle, hand pistol or bow and row. You might think about using a 20 gauge shotgun with an improved cylinder-choke. The types of shot sizes are 6’s and 7-1/2’s.

You can take your beagles along this will introduce a whole new dynamic to the rabbit hunt. The beagles will chase the rabbit out of its preferred comfort zone which is near its home. The long legged game will quickly outrun the beagles. But I found if I station myself on high ground and wait that sooner or later the rabbit will double back to its living quarters. Look for the rabbit to be hopping or throttling at full speed. This hinges on whether the beagles are right on its tail or if they are a thousand miles back.​

3) Walking up to the Rabbits

Rabbit Hunting Tips Walking up to the Rabbits

We need to learn how to walk up to the rabbits if we don’t have a team of beagles running out ahead of us to corner the rabbits. Rabbits like to wait and pause hoping that the humans won’t see them. The key for the walking hunter is to break this pattern. Rabbits get very nervous when their predators are silent and waiting for them to move.

First, you will want to walk slowly about a handful of steps into a good place then freeze your movement for a short period of time. Repeat this process and this method will draw out some rabbits. The silent part will draw out other rabbits. They will think they have been caught in a mirror and will try and leg it out of their spots.

Are you hunting with a partner? If you then follow this pattern. The first hunting buddy will be a stone’s throw apart from the second hunter. The both of you will be walking abreast. The two of you should consider using an alternating pattern. The first one walks ten paces then stops; the second repeats the movements of the first one until the prime rabbit land is covered. This freeze trick will work on some rabbits. The ones who weren’t duped by your stopping tricks will race out of their hiding places once you pass them.

4) Shooting Tips to Kill the Rabbit

I found these shooting tips to be quite sound. First, you have to shoot on the fly. In heavy brush, those fleet-footed rabbits will not offer you much time to shoot. You won’t have time to trace the running target. Click on the little roadster position your rifle and fire all in one fluid action.

Occasionally when a target blatantly bolts in front of you, will have a short timeframe to think about your next kill. If you have a passing shot swing through the body just beyond the head when the rabbit’s nose passes through the bead fire.

Let’s say you have a chance to shoot the rabbit from behind. Don’t aim your bead at the white cottontail but swing through to the rabbit’s head and then fire. This way you will not tear up any of the meat on the rest of its body.

The Grand Finale

Did you enjoy reading this article on rabbit hunting tips? I hope you did. I wrote this article to help you use tips for your next rabbit hunting trip. If you should consider mastering these tips you will have more success in bringing that rabbit home.

If you did enjoy reading this article pass it onto your friends and family. Share these tips with them as well. Please leave any comments about this article. I would love to hear your feedback about this rabbit hunting tips article. Thank you for reading!

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