3 Best Elk Hunting Backpack Meant For Light Travel

If you’re looking forward to the hunting season with great expectations, aiming to hunt down an elk or moose, you’d have to start making arrangements for packing appropriate essentials in a backpack that suits your specific needs. In other words, your best elk hunting backpack should allow you to travel light and fast offering you optimum scope for stalking. At the same time, the knapsack should be synonymous with robustness and versatility.

Simply Put, Your Elk Hunting Backpack Should Have

  • Expansible storage
  • Functional setup of pockets or pouches
  • Sturdy straps
  • Stitched from high-grade material that makes it extremely hard and resilient

Value Section

Best Elk Hunting Backpack Value Section

While preparing for hunting large game like elk or whitetail deer, then you’d want to pack in only those items that you’d need exclusively for the desired purpose. To put it in a simple way, you’d want to travel with the minimal quantity of gear so that mobility and furtiveness which are indispensable during hunting are not compromised with. So, you’d need something that can be categorized in between small rucksacks and full-scale backpacks.

​Your desired daypack not only should be fully serviceable but also gel with your mode of hunting. It’d be better to make it clear at the outset, when you set out for shooting elks and pack those bulky ruminants, you’d surely need to carry a spacious and sturdy backpack. This backpack, on one hand, should enable you to carry elk quarters with ease without breaking your back.

And on the other, the product should have enough room to pack the meat comfortably so that the same does not become stale or rendered inedible. Then again, the daypack should be effectively able to resist general wear and tear and retain its texture for at least a few years. Since you’ll be trekking through various kinds of terrain with the likelihood of the weather playing spoilsport, your backpack should be able to withstand the rough with the tumble.

Selecting A Hunting Backpack For Your Need

The best elk hunting backpack should be able to stand against the following possibilities:

  • Lashing rains
  • Bone-freezing chills
  • Weltering heat
  • Rugged terrain

The material from which your daypack will be sewn should be completely waterproof so that rainwater or water from your bottles should not seep or percolate into the pouches or chambers. At the same time, the material should’ve sufficient microscopic pores to allow circulation of air.

​Now, you’ll be hard put to find a bag that is both airy and watertight at the same time simply because one attribute delivers at the cost of another. A textile or fabric that facilitates ventilation will be prone to turn permeable or porous sooner or later. The solution lies in looking for a product whose fabric balances both the features judiciously without making a noticeable compromise.

You’d want to have a daypack that makes minimal noise and remains stable even when it is packed to the brim. The material of the knapsack should not get crisp or coarse after a few hunting seasons as it gets wet or moist from repeated spells of rains. Rucksacks made from inferior grade of fabric tend to become rough or creased from subsequent cycles of moistening and dryings.

What Is The Kind Of Fabric That Should Be Selected?

Best Elk Hunting Backpack Fabric

The fabric, once it becomes craggy or coarse, tends to take a lot of strain when you fill up the pack and begins to creak as you move with the load. Always select a bag made out of high-grade nylon that’d retain its consistency for a long period of time. Other aspects that you cannot afford to overlook in your elk hunting backpack are:

  • Zippers
  • Compartments
  • Pouches
  • Compression or harness system

A good quality backpack usually comes with flexible expansion zippers that can be easily zipped up after you shove in things in a hurry just prior to setting out for the expedition or at the end of a trip. Your backpack tends to remain quiet and makes minimum noise if it has sufficient number of pockets and chambers.

Additionally, the product should come outfitted with strong compression straps that fastens all your gear and supplies securely and yet feels comfortable instead of scraping against your body.

Look At The Frame​

The harness system should be designed in a manner that keeps the rucksack snugly secured around your back preventing the same from sliding or slither during movements. In the event of keeping your pack compact and comfy, you could inadvertently end up packing too little or too much. Depending on the nature and duration of your hunting mission, you’d want to pack overnight gear, food, optics, spares, raingear, lights, navigation, safety, and game processing equipment.

Everything that you’ll ordinarily need to pack regardless of whether it is a daytrip or overnight expedition, have been listed above. No matter, whatever gear or supplies you stash, bear in mind that you’ll have to move around with the lot in a way that lets you stalk efficiently where you ultimately end up bringing down your quarry. At the end of the day, the lighter you are the more convenient will it be for you to take aim and shoot.

​Tenzing TZ 6000 Hunting Backpack Review

Tenzing TZ 6000 Hunting Backpack

It can be stated straightaway without mincing words that the Tenzing TZ 6000 Hunting Backpack and the seasoned hunter are made for each other. With this hunting backpack, you start light, stay lighter, and come back home loaded. The product has been stitched out of high-grade ‘Dyneema’ fabric that can withstand bulkiness and yet doesn’t get bulky.

​Additionally, the material makes the bag highly resistant to wear and tear remaining functional for years to come. If you’ve any misgivings about the bag’s load bearing capacity, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know it offers you 6013 cubic inches of storage at 7 pounds 13 ounces. Though the TZ 6000 has been basically designed for individuals with longer trunks, the flexible harness (suspension-type) system makes sure that you can strap the same onto your back as per your convenience.


  • Cushioned hip support
  • Channeled back pad that allows for ventilation
  • Boots for carrying bow and rifle
  • Foldable rain jacket
  • A total of 20 pockets and compartments
  • 2 expansible compartments for carrying field-scope and/or tripod
  • 7 compression straps for fastening additional gear and securing load

​The harness arrangement ensures that shoulder straps stay securely in place while the extendable clutch can be made to grasp the extra straps thereby keeping the pack from dangling. The strap setup or arrangement also helps in keeping gear inside the bag stable and cancels out noise or clutter. The Tenzing TZ 6000 is packed to the hilt with versatile features.

​Raising the lid reveals 5 pockets lined both on the exterior and inside, and are fully zippered. The lid is fully detachable and doubles up as a backside pouch. There are 5 zippered chambers that can take in a large amount of supplies that are kept in an orderly manner so that you can retrieve any item whenever you need to.

​There is a compartment at the base that can be zipped open to slip in a sleeping bag and expanded up to a maximum of 2,400 cubic inches for bulk storing. A zippered and meshed chamber on the side is ideal for towing meat. The dual aluminum framework on the rear of the side compartment for meat offers compactness and support without adding to the bulk.

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack Review

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

​If you’re on the lookout for a hunting backpack that’s compact in all respects, then look no further than the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS. With a total storage space of 3300 cubic inches, the pack remains compacted even after you’ve packed in all your supplies and doesn’t seem loaded or bulky. The framework inside the pack ensures that the bag retains its form and offers maximum support.

The Traverse EPS Hunting Pack by Alps OutdoorZ comes equipped with a distinct section for stashing your catch. The compartment is replete with microscopic vents that allows for thorough circulation of air preventing the meat from getting stale or putrefied. Additionally, this compartment also doubles up as a store for your clothes or field-scope when you’re not carrying game meat.

The frame of this backpack from Alps is also extremely flexible thus enabling you to enlarge the same for storing extra gear. There are additional or spare pockets for packing in different sizes of scopes. The waist belt is heavily padded with an outer shell made of polyethylene allowing you to haul hefty loads without stressing you out.

The shoulder straps or belts are thickly cushioned as well letting you lift and heave bulky loads. The wing pouches have zippers at the front which facilitates in securing as well as lugging meat quite effortlessly. The strap going over your waist has two pockets that you can easily access and the anti-sway strings helps in fastening the pouches.

The pack is supplied to you with an iridescent orange rain-cover that comes in handy when you need to shelter the backpack from rains. The EPS functionality means you get an extra storage space of 1200 inches. All in all, the Alps OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is ideal for hauling game meat and punches way above its weight.

​ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Review

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag  5250 Cubic Inches

There are hunting backpacks and there is the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame plus Pack Bag, 5250 Cubic Inches. If you’re obsessed with big game hunting and will go to any length for felling an elk or caribou braving inclement weather, then the Alps OutdoorZ Commander Freighter is cut out for you or vice versa. You can stash gear to your heart’s content in this pack from Alps OutdoorZ, and there will still be room for more.

With 5,250 cubic inches of storage, you get sufficient space for packing your .30 Winchester Rifle to the Nikon Field-Scope and everything in between. The external freighter frame can be detached and separated from the pack for strapping as well as lugging quarters of whitetail or reindeer. Flexible compression straps allow for tying up game meat securely thereby permitting you to transport your catch to camping site.

There are enough pockets and compartments with compression straps that let you store essential supplies in an organized way. The material from which the Alps OutdoorZ commander has been embroidered is of a supreme quality that makes the product lightweight and water-resistant on one hand, and well-ventilated as well as sturdy on the other.


In your search for the best elk hunting backpack, there’s every possibility of getting flummoxed or bewildered as there are so many products to choose from. Each and every pack makes tall claims of being better than the rest putting you in a fix about which to opt for.

The reviews above on three of the best elk hunting backpacks it is expected will help you to decide without much ado. If you’re not constrained by budgetary concerns, go for the Tenzing TZ 6000.

​And if you’re not willing to splurge yet lay your hands on a standard and durable backpack you can choose either the Alps OutdoorZ Traverse or the Alps OutdoorZ Commander Freighter.

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